What We Do

Response ADvantage coordinates every aspect of a DR campaign, creating a strong operation that allows a direct marketer or marketing manager to maintain focus on their business.

We work as an inside member and leader of your team…using our decades of experience, successfully managing campaigns for the nation’s leading direct response advertisers, to your advantage.

Lead Generation

Our core competency is delivering targeted, viable leads to your website, phone and doorstep. Our planning process always begins with extensive research on your target customer, their behavior patterns, how they consume media…and, how they communicate with your company.

We know the right media levels and messaging it takes to trigger an inquiry in this competitive marketplace, because we’ve done it for some of the biggest and the best. And, we can help streamline your operations to smoothly guide customers into your services once they click or pick up the phone!

New Product Launch

Small opportunities are the beginning of great enterprises.  No other marketing technique can launch and capitalize on a new concept within as short a period of time, as DRTV.

With a deep network and positive reputation across the direct marketing industry, we are able to access the latest information, technologies and resources for our clients:

  • Telemarketing
  • Fulfillment
  • Merchant banking
  • Infomercial, radio and TV spot production
  • Internet advertising, social media and web site development
  • Collateral, direct mail and print ad production
  • Media and list buying
  • Public relations
  • Database management
  • Customer retention marketing
  • Home shopping
  • Mass and specialty retail
  • Marketing licensing agreements
  • Product, consumer, competitive and media research

“Stephanie was a delight to work with on our Infomercial.  She taught us all a new way of thinking about long form media.  She helped us in everything from choosing the production company (which was a perfect fit), the call center and assisted with every bit of analysis in between.  Stephanie is very responsive to her customer’s needs and we would not have been able to do this without her!!!”

Amy Clay
Jenny Craig

Campaign Management

Finding the right team for your brand, budget and work style is our specialty but we don’t stop there.  The backbone of our success is media planning and management across television (long and short form), radio (long and short form), magazine, newspaper, FSI, internet, out-of-home, direct mail, social media, telemarketing, promotions, Hispanic and home shopping on a national and local scale.

Our media campaigns are structured…from a reliable test matrix…to sponsorship of a sporting event for branding…with strict adherence to client profitability.  Our client’s advertising budgets range from a few thousand…to millions of dollars per year.  Whatever the scale, goal or objective we know just the right tactic to deliver the response you need.

“Stephanie has opened the door for Dial 800 in the DR business.  She seems to know EVERYONE.  People like Stephanie and respect her work.  She spearheaded the creation and media buy for a :10  FTD TV spot prior to Mother’s Day which generated thousands of calls.”

Scott Richards
DIAL 800

Business to Business

If your best customer is another business, we can handle it!  Response ADvantage has successfully introduced almost as many new companies as products.  Our all-encompassing strategic approach to development of trade relationships starts with market segment research…to trade advertising, collateral materials, promotions, conference marketing, booth design and networking introductions. If you need to open doors, and minds, to your business concept we can help you find the keys.

“Stephanie has been instrumental in helping us navigate the DRTV industry and devise an entry strategy.”

Secil Baysal
Green Dot Financial Services