How We Do It

Direct Response is a specialty and it’s certainly special to us.  We’ll apply every strategy, tactic, technique and resource available to make sure you achieve your goals and get the best response possible.

At Response ADvantage we look at the opportunities, feasibility and funding needed for your success to help you determine the right path for you.  And, we’ll be at your side all along the way!

Our process begins early with quantification of financials, evaluation of product and pricing, negotiation and set up of operations, creative positioning and determining the right media to test.

Strategic planning

  • Development of campaign goals and objectives (direct and retail sales / profit)
  • Financial feasibility evaluation (offer configuration, product pricing, P & L)
  • Target demographic, competitive, consumer research and competitive analysis
  • Product development, selection and  lifecycle phasing
  • Budget allocation

Vendor sourcing

  • Introduction, negotiation and management of partner relationships

Creative stewardship

  • Assistance with messaging and creation of commercial & collateral materials
  • Supervision of production, duplication and trafficking
  • Coordination of legal review and approval process
  • Management of materials log and storage

Operational assistance

  • Supervision of telemarketing and fulfillment vendors (including scripting and training)

Media management

  • Preparation of test strategies (and response expectations)
  • Complete involvement in media planning, buying, analytics and results analysis

Backend maintenance

  • Management of continuity and database activities

Retail and home shopping

  • Introduction, representation and coordination of vendor account

As a matter of procedure, Response ADvantage negotiates on behalf of our clients for the lowest possible rates for all media, production, operations, design and printing based on reputation and favorable relationships.

We’ll provide you with 20+ years of experience to plan and manage your campaign.  You’ll be up and running a profitable program in no time!  And, we’ll leave you with the knowledge and training to carry on.  That’s the Response ADvantage.  It’s the advantage you want on your side.

“Stephanie has been an excellent professional to work with.  She quickly gelled with our staff and ended up adding value where needed, at an early stage.”

Klee Irwin
Irwin Naturals